Driving licence checks

With the abolition of the Driving Licence Counterpart, it is generally easier for operators to check driver’s licences either through the new ‘on-line’ check licence ‘share code’ or through one of the exiting licence check bureaus.

However, with reliance on these on-line/electronic checks one thing some operators are forgetting to do now is to physically check the licence card itself!

One facet of Driver CPC periodic training is that driver’s licences are checked as part of the I.D. process at the start of each course. It’s surprising, if not somewhat alarming, that there are still a number of ‘issues’ with driving licences. Recently, in one session of 20 drivers, there was a young lady who, when I asked her what she drove, answered ‘a big double decker bus’, to which I responded ’well it’s not on your licence’! She also presented a new DQC, so it was clear that she’d recently passed her PCV test, but DVLA had omitted the class ‘D’ from her licence. Also in the same room was a driver who presented an out of date photocard. I pointed these facts out to their manager, who was rather embarrassed, and hurried way to try and resolve the problems!

Drivers can be prosecuted for ‘Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence’, whilst operators ( usually the ‘O’ licence holder) can be prosecuted for ‘Causing and permitting’!

Despite all the ‘modern technology’, operators should take time to physically inspect a driver’s licence at the same time as conducting any on-line or bureaux checks!


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