Alcohol & Drugs

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

We believe this is an important issue that many companies fail to carry out. Drivers simply don’t understand how alcohol works, how it affects the body and, in particular, the ‘morning after’ syndrome. The aim of any alcohol and drugs policy should be to educate and prevent problems, rather than catch the unsuspecting members of staff who are ignorant of the facts. Drivers are an increasingly expensive breed and are in danger of becoming an endangered species. Any formal training session should be re-enforced with appropriate written advice and signed training records, whilst drivers handbooks should include some basic advice as well as the formal one-page policy statement.

Equipment Training

Minimise Your Risk has developed an excellent training course:

PDF icon Lion SDP400P
Home office approved and used by many UK police forces. With printer £1089

PDF icon Lion 500
Home office approved and used by many UK police forces. £499

PDF icon Alcolizer HH1 (PDF)

Approved for the Australian Police £375

PDF icon Altrix Drugs Kit (PDF)

Disposable type single use test £5

Awareness Training

PDF icon Awareness Training Course Outline (PDF)

Awareness DVD

The 60 minute DVD has been specially produced to graphically illustrate the issues surrounding drinking and driving. More importantly, the DVD seeks to explode the myths, misconceptions and confusion surrounding alcohol and it's affect on a person's ability to drive.

This interactive DVD follows the story of a typical couple who take a calculated risk and drive after some lunchtime drinks. The sequence of events then unfolds from a roadside breath test right through to their court appearance and consequential punishment. A comprehensive set of facilitator guidelines also accompanies the DVD, which will help to structure/stimulate discussion during each module and ensure that learning points are clearly understood. The final module incorporates a unique set of scientific tests to clearly demonstrate how:

  1. A persons driving ability diminishes in proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed
  2. Only a small amount of alcohol is sufficient to impair driving ability

This DVD was produced by the Northamptonshire Drink Drive Partnership. This DVD is available through Minimise Your Risk - contact us for details. It is used in our Alcohol and drugs awareness training.


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